First Out Annunciation

First Out Annunciation

First Out Alarms

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It is possible to monitor a maximum of 15 different inputs in a series control circuit. Each input responds to a signal voltage between 100V and 250V AC. The first element in the loop that changes state will alter from “normal” to “fail”. This first out fail status will remain until reset. The titles for each first out can contain up to 30 user definable characters. Autoflame supply utility software that can be run on a laptop and upload the user defined titles through the infra red window on the Mk7. The First Out screen is activated/shown on the MM when any first out monitored element changes status from “normal” to “fail”. This screen can also be selected at any time by toggling through “water level” screens.


The First Out Annunciation can be set in any of the following ways:

  • Disabled – First Out does not appear on the MM Screen (not in use)
  • Displayed – First Out status is viewed on the MM screen. The burner will continue to operate if a First Out Fails
  • Enabled – First Out Status is viewed on the MM screen. In the event of a First Out, the burner will shutdown until the error is corrected