Industrial Servo Motor

Industrial Servomotor

Industrial Servo Motor




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  • A rotary type electric actuator, suitable for use with the MM Module.
  • The body is made with aluminium die-cast, thus it is light, compact, highly efficient and powerful.
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to handle and suitable for use in narrow spaces.
  • Simple structure design
  • Trouble free mounting on air damper, maintenance and testing
  • Manual operation function by crank handle supplied with the servomotor
  • Manual operation is only possible when the power is disconnected, with the attached manual crank handle.
  • Damage to the servomotor will be caused if manually driven when there is still power to the unit.
  • Thermal protector is built-in to prevent motor burn out by overloading
  • Easy for wiring
  • Connection is simplified by a terminal block inside.

Ambient temperature within -24C to +55C (-13F to + 131F) Avoid hazardous ambient conditions Depending on the condition of installation, consider to reserve space for wiring conduit cover, and manual maintenace works.


Power220/240VAC 50/60Hz
110VAC 60Hz
Output Shaft TorqueMM10070 – 39.2Nm (37 Lb.ft)
MM10072 – 98Nm (72 Lb.ft)
MM10074 – 196Nm (144 Lb.ft)
MM10078 – 392Nm (289 Lb.ft)
Operating Angle0 - 90 degrees
Operating Time15 – 30 seconds/50Hz (nominal)
Protect SystemThermal protector built in
Ambient Temperature-25C to 55C (-13F to 131F)
Rated CurrentMM10070 – 0.4A/200V (0.75A/100V)
MM10072 – 0.3A/200V (0.6A/100V)
MM10074 – 0.45A/200V (1A/100V)
MM10078 – 0.9A/200V (2A/100V)
Insulation Resistance100Mohm/500VDC
Withstand Voltage1500VAC/Minute
Manual OperationCrank handle attached
StopperMechanical stopper – open/close adjustable
Mounting Angle360 degrees – all directions
PositioningM.M. drive
Drive MotorMM10070 – 8W (E Type)
MM10072 – 20W (E Type)
MM10074 – 30W (E Type)
MM10078 – 90W (E Type)
Body MaterialDie cast aluminium ADC12
CoatingBaking varnish
WeightMM10070 – 2kg (4.4lbs)
MM10072 – 4.5kg (9.9lbs)
MM10074 – 9kg (19.8lbs)
MM10078 – 9.5kg (20.9lbs)
Wiring Conduit0.5" NPT
Resin connector attached
Part No.TorqueDimensions
MM1007039.2Nm159mm x 111mm x 115mm
MM1007298Nm208mm x 137mm x 123mm
196Nm257mm x 145mm x 157mm
MM10078392Nm257mm x 145mm x 157mm