Monitoring Certification Screen


This Mk7 EGA is designed to comply with MCERTS to further improve the Autoflame System.

The Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) was set up to provide guidelines on the standards you need to meet to monitor things that affect the environment.

MCERTS Covers:

  • The standards your monitoring equipment must meet
  • How qualified your staff must be
  • Recognising laboratories and inspecting sites in line with European and international standards

CEMs are systems used to measure the concentrations of gases and particles in an environment where there are industrial chimney stacks and flues and ducts. They often do this in lots of different working conditions as they vary from site to site.

MCERTS for CEMs is an official certification scheme that comes under the European Standard EN 45011 and ISO Guide 65. Sira, the certification body in this document, runs this scheme for us.
Equipment must be tested by laboratories and test organisations that have EN ISO/ IEC 17025, which is the internationally recognised standard for testing laboratories. Sira examines the results of the laboratory tests and field tests using a group of independent experts known as the Certification Committee.


  • The MCERTS standard gives the support of a certification scheme that is officially recognised in the UK and is accepted internationally
  • Once the EGA has been approved, clients can be confident that the Mk7 EGA will meet the standards and give reliable information about emissions
  • The standard gives Autoflame an independent approval. This means people can trust our products, which will help to improve sales globally
  • The standard helps make sure the public get accurate and reliable information about the quality of air