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The Exhaust Gas Analyser probe has been updated and modified with the following inclusions in order to improve operation and maintenance procedures:

  • Service – quick/easy access to the filter section – a screw head is used which allows the internal components to be removed without having to remove the prove from the stack, i.e. it is possible to leave the housing in the stack
  • Improved exhaust temperature response time by the inclusion of 4 large slots in the main housing of the probe where the thermocouple is situated
  • Improved filtering by the inclusion of 8 large slots which improves the filtratin, i.e. the filter will not block as quickly and gives prolonged life
  • The same k-type thermocouple and high temperature preformed filter material are to be used


Electrical Supply230/110V 50/60Hz
Pump Flow550-650cc/min (0.55-0.65 litres/min)
Environmental RatingIP20
Air Conditioned UnitIP54
EGAMin: +5°C (40°F) Max: +40°C (104°F)
Ceramic Sampling Probe0°C to 1600°C (32°F to 2912°F)
Type “S” Thermocouple0°C to 1600°C (32°F to 2912°F)
Type “K Thermocouple0°C to 400°C (32°F to 752°F)

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