EGA External Particulate Filter

The external particulate filter (part no. EGA20103/D) is designed to be used when there is excessive moisture from the flue gases, or if there is excess particulates in the flue gases which may cause damage to the E.G.A. The external particulate filter stops excessive moisture from getting into the E.G.A. as it has its own drain solenoid to remove any excess moisture. This drain occurs at the same time intervals as the normal drain solenoid on the E.G.A. The external particulate filter has its own filter, capable of filtering excess particulates from the flue gases. We recommend that this external particulate filter be used for any heavy oil applications. Due to the nature of this product it can only be installed by Autoflame and cannot be fitted on site. The external particulate filter can be ordered with a new E.G.A. or retrofitted onto an existing E.G.A at our Autoflame London office.