Mk6 Analogue I/O

Mk6 Analogue I/O

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  • Each Analogue I/O unit has 6 analogue inputs and 6 analogue outputs
  • Each input can be configured for 0-10V, 0-20mA, or 4-20mA
  • Each output can be configured for 0-10V or 4-20mA
  • When using an Autoflame DTI, up to 10 analogue I/O units can be linked together
  • Linked in series via a RS485 connection
  • Text labelling of each Input/Output


  • An external PSU is not required for the analogue ouputs
  • The maximum permissable load on each analogue output is 250 Ohms
  • All the negative terminals are common to each other
  • The analogue outputs as a whole are isolated
  • The analogue inputs are not powered internally by the analogue I/O module and so a 24V dc supply may be required for each input, depending on the controller