Gas Control Valves


Gas Valve – Flanged 30mm


Gas Valve – Flanged 50mm


Gas Valve – Threaded

Autoflame manufactures a wide range of control valves. Valves are manufactured to the highest tolerances using the latest CNC machining technology. Prior to shipment valves are subjected to a stringent test procedure including pressure testing. This extra attention to detail ensures accurate control of fuel delivery and repeatable performance.

Utilizing high grade stainless steels, Autoflame FGR valves can reliably meter the most corrosive flue gases. Our FGR valves coupled with Autoflame controllers precisely meter flue gases delivered to a burner for the reduction of NOx emissions.

We have significant experience in the design and manufacture of valves to control a wide variety of liquids and gases. Customized valves are available upon request and have previously been manufactured to meter steam, tallow, biogas, hydrogen, propane as well as many different grades of oil.

To discuss your application in further detail, please contact the Autoflame Technical Sales team.