Oil Control Valves – Metering

Oil Control Valves – Spillback

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The standard oil valve build execution is stainless steel valve body with stainless steel bobbin. The top and bottom closing plates are manufactured out of aluminium.

The small oil control valves use a small servomotor for positioning control.
The large oil control valves use a large servomotor for positioning control.


Valve TypePipe ThreadPart No.
11/4″ BSPOVM31015
23/8″ BSPOVM32016
53/8″ BSPOVM35019
63/8″ BSPOVM36020
83/8″ BSPOVM38022
93/8″ BSPOVM39023

The Spillback valves are identifiable by the prefix OVS

Height: 50mm (2″) Including Bottom Plate
Width: 30mm (1.125″)
Length: 60mm (2.375″)
Maximum Pressure: 350psi