Mini Mk8 Controller

Perfect for industrial and commercial steam and hot water boiler applications, the Autoflame Mini Mk8 Controller offers cutting edge technology that can significantly reduce emissions and fuel costs.

Complete Burner Management in a Compact, Affordable System

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  • Able to reduce fuel consumption by 5-7% over traditional linkage systems
  • Capable of reducing CO2 emissions by 10%
  • Repeatable, accurate positioning system reduces maintenance costs
  • Controls fuel, VSD, scheduling, sequencing and other automatic settings
  • Robust steel construction
  • Available in a control panel package

The Mini MK8 is a cutting-edge Micro-Modulating system that provides an easily programmable and flexible means of optimising combustion throughout the load requirement range of the boiler/burner.

This control module encompasses all the functions required for reliable burner management. Built into this system is a fully automated flame safeguard and valve proving system, MODBUS connectivity, and a new touchscreen interface.
This system ensures the burner temperature is accurate to within 1° and pressure to within 1 psi. The positioning accuracy of the direct drive motors controlling the air damper and fuel valve is 0.1 angular degrees throughout the load range. This accuracy ensures repeatable fuel-to-air ratio that leads to improved fuel economy and reduced carbon footprint.

Screens of the Mini Mk8 in operation:


Main Features

  • Direct replacement for Mini MK7
  • Micro Modulation of fuel/air ratio control
  • 2 fuel curve capability
  • 3 servomotor channel control
  • 1 VSD channel control
  • Internal flame safeguard control
  • Full flame supervision with self-check UV, IR or ionisation flame detection
  • Self-check UV detection (optional)
  • Lead lag/IBS (Intelligent Boiler Sequencing)
  • Precise target setpoint control (PID)
  • 3 parameter trim, O2, CO2, & CO (requires EGA option)
  • NFPA compliant
  • Outdoor Temperature Compensation (requires OTC module)
  • Time clock feature

Improvements over Mini MK7 Controller

  • Touchscreen interface on High Definition XVGA 1024X768 screen
  • Software update through Micro SD card
  • Dual-core safety processor. Both processors run the same code in parallel, and if there are discrepancies the system fails safe
  • Direct power to the IR scanner removes need for external power supply
  • Logging of 64 most recent lockouts and 64 most recent errors
  • Add additional “inter” points during single point change
  • Scheduling enables up to 5 different states per day (Reduced/Off/On)
  • Grouping of options/parameters in relation to function
  • Gas pressure sensor monitoring
  • Gas valve proving system
  • Air pressure sensor proving system
  • Low Flame Hold integrated into interface, removing need for panel switch operation


Micro Modulation Fuel/Air Ratio Control

  • Independently controlled fuel and air positioning motors with an accuracy of 0.1 of an angular degree
  • Single point change facility for commissioned fuel/air ratio
  • User-defined optimum ignition position
  • FGR management—delay from startup of FGR until exhaust temperature, boiler setpoint, or time delay achieved

Burner Functions

  • Burner control functions with user configurable timings

User Features

  • Editing of parameters protected by user-configurable password
  • IR COM’s port for upload/download of commissioned data and operating history
  • Boiler screen configuration
  • Data exportable via Modbus
  • Internal calendar clock display
  • Multiple languages
  • On-screen 24 hour data logging
  • Setpoint Control Features
  • Internal 3 term PID control to maintain required setpoint for both pressure and temperature
  • Software-adjustable thermostat/pressure stat facility (lockable)
  • Lead-lag for both steam and hot water
  • Lead boiler select facility
  • 2 port valve operation for hot water sequencing
  • Fuel flow metering—instantaneous and totalised
  • Software-adjustable Hand/Auto/Low flame hold facility
  • 0-10V input for external modulation
  • Ability to use external temperature or pressure detectors

External Inputs

  • Low/high pressure switches
  • Low/high end switches


  • 120/230V, 50/60 Hz switch mode
  • IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure with panel facia mounting (IP65 front facia, IP20 back of unit)
  • Manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001:2000

EGA (optional module)

  • O2, CO2, CO trim, NO, SO2, and NO2 continuous monitoring and display
  • User definable combustion limits on O2, CO2, CO, NO, and exhaust gas temperature
  • Exhaust temperature, ambient temperature and difference in temperature displayed
  • Combustion efficiency calculation – net or gross displayed
  • Patented three parameter  trim