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Current Brochures

Mini Mk8 MM ControllerLinkPDF BrochureChinese
Mk8 MM ControllerPDF BrochureChinese
Mk8 EGALinkPDF BrochureChinese
One Page OverviewLinkPDF BrochureChinese
Compare ControllersLinkPDF BrochureEnglish
Mini Mk8 MM ControllerLinkPDF BrochureEnglish
Mk7 MM ControllerLinkPDF BrochureEnglish
Mk8 EGALinkPDF BrochureEnglish
Mk8 EPA EGALinkPDF BrochureEnglish
Mk7 DTILinkPDF BrochureEnglish
One Page OverviewLinkPDF BrochureEnglish

Current Product Manuals

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Mk8 MM Installation & Commissioning Guide
Mk8控制模块安装与调试指南 (Chinese)
Mk8 MM Expansion Features
控制模块扩展功能安装与调试指南 (Chinese)
MM Application Possibilities
控制模块应用领域 (Chinese)
Autoflame Product Catalogue
中文 (Chinese)
Mini Mk8 Controller Manual: End User Manual (Chinese)
Mini Mk8 Controller Manual: M.M. Installation & Commissioning Guide (Chinese) 微型控制模块安装和调试指南25.09.15PDF
Mk8 E.G.A. Setup and Trim Guide (Chinese)
Mk7 D.T.I. Setup Guide
Autoflame PC Software Guide07.05.15PDF
Mini Mk8 M.M. Controller End User Guide02.07.15PDF
Mini Mk8 Controller Manual: M.M. Installation & Commissioning Guide03.07.15PDF
Mk8 E.G.A. Setup and Trim Guide29.05.15PDF
Mk7 Controller Manual: M.M. Installation & Commissioning Guide07.05.15PDF
Mk7 Controller Manual: M.M. End User Guide26.05.15PDF
Mk7 Controller Manual: M.M. Application Possibilities01.10.15PDF
Mk7 M.M. Controller Expansion Board Setup Guide28.09.15PDF
Mk7 M.M. Controller Expansion Board End User Guide28.09.15PDF
Mk7 D.T.I. Setup Guide29.05.15PDF
Mk7 M.M. Valves and Servomotors08.10.14PDF
Autoflame Product Catalog08.10.14PDF


Archive Manuals

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Mk7 E.G.A. Setup & Trim Guide09.01.14PDF
Mk7 & Mini Mk7 M.M. Technical Manual 01.08.11PDF
Mk6, Mini Mk6 & Mini Mk5 EVO/E.G.A. Technical Manual01.01.07PDF
Mk6, Mini Mk6 & Mini Mk5 EVO M.M. Technical Manual/E.G.A. Technical Manual01.11.05PDF
Mk6, Mini Mk5 M.M./E.G.A. Technical Manual20.11.00PDF
Mk6, Mini Mk5 & Mk5 M.M. Technical Manual01.08.98PDF


Autoflame Youtube Channel

This is a brief instructional video describing how to change out software in a Mk.7 M.M. unit.


This video shows the installation process of the Autoflame system on a Limpsfield burner. The installation was performed by Edwards Engineering Inc


Autoflame Controls with Vertical Limpsfield Burner – showing Low to High Fire