Media & Promotional Material


Below are official Autoflame logos in JPG and PNG formats.


Autoflame-logo-222X63 Autoflame-logo-180x51 Autoflame-logo Autoflame-logo

EPS version of logo download

TIF version of logo download



Futura Light is the official font for Autoflame body copy, and Futura is the official headline font. For web-based collateral, we prefer Open Sans.



Autoflame’s official Pantone Colour Matching System colours are: PMS red 185, PMS blue 285


Powerpoint Template

To download the Autoflame standard powerpoint template, click here.



Please visit individual product pages to download latest product brochures. Below is our corporate overview:

Download source files: 

MiniMk8 Brochure.

EGA & DTI Product Sheets 



Autoflame Posters and Trade Show Booths

Large Horizontal Booth - Click to download artwork

Large Horizontal Booth – Click to download artwork


Vertical Show Banners – Click to download artwork