Autoflame Training

Training seminars are scheduled in convenient locations around the world. Each program is structured for easy learning, and delivered by experts on boiler plant.

Programs cover day-to-day operation of the Autoflame System, stressing safety and the correct operating practices needed to maximize efficient, safe and reliable operation. We also offer in-plant training and seminars. Our instructors will travel to your facilities to provide a tailored course reflecting the specific equipment installed. Ample time is provided for open discussion of specific questions.

Technical training sessions for authorized representatives are regularly delivered at our London facilities. Participants learn how the Autoflame burner management system should be installed, commissioning best practices and service procedures. All theory is put into practice. Individuals will work on our live demonstration boiler to apply what they have learned. Advanced training programs looking at some of the more complex applications of the system are available upon request.


Typical training schedule:

Day 1
09.00 - 10.00 Overview of Autoflame System (Presentation)
10.00 –- 11.30 Commissioning with Mk7 M.M. & IR UD Software (Practical)
11.30 -– 12.30 Overview of Mk8 E.G.A. (Presentation)
12.30 -– 13.30 Lunch
13.30 -– 14.30 Three Parameter Trim (Practical)
14.30 -– 16.30 Commissioning with Mini Mk8 M.M. & Download Manager Software (Practical)
Day 2
09.00 -– 10.00 Flame Safeguard (Presentation/Practical)
10.00 -– 10.30 PID (Presentation)
10.30 -– 11.30 Overview of Mk7 D.T.I. (Presentation)
11.30 –- 12.00 CEMS Audit Software (Practical)
12.00 –- 12.30 Universal I/O & Mk7 D.T.I. (Practical)
12.30 –- 13.30 Lunch
13.30 -– 14.00 Troubleshooting Mk7 D.T.I. Connections (Presentation)
14.00 –- 15.00 Overview of Intelligent Boiler Sequencing (Presentation)
15.00 -– 16.00 Setup and Troubleshooting IBS (Practical)
16.00 -– 16.30 Emissions Calculator (Presentation)
Day 3 (Optional)
09.00 -– 11.00 Site Visit
11.00 -– 11.30 Overview of Water Level Control (Presentation)
11.30 -– 12.00 Overview of TDS (Presentation)
12.00 -– 12.30 Setup Water Level Control & TDS (Practical)
12.30 -– 13.30 Lunch
13.30 –- 14.30 Overview of Heat/Steam Flow Metering (Presentation/Practical)
14.30 –- 15.30 Overview of Bottom Blowdown (Presentation/Practical)
15.30 –- 16.30 Overview of Draft Control (Presentation/Practical)

Training seminars and other events:

EventDateLocationCountryLearn more
Asian Sales ConferenceMarch 18-20, 2015Kuala LumpurMalaysiaCompleted. View photos from the event.
Product Training SeminarApril 16-17, 2015Jacksonville, FLUSACompleted. View photos from the event.
Product Training SeminarApril 20-21, 2015Raleigh, NCUSACompleted. View photos from the event.
Product Training SeminarMay 13-14, 2015San Francisco, CAUSACompleted. View photos from the event.
Product Training SeminarMay 28-29, 2015Wichita, KSUSACompleted.
Product Training SeminarJune 1-2, 2015York, PAUSACompleted. View photos from the event.
Product Training SeminarJune 4-5, 2015Hamilton, NJUSACompleted. View photos from the event.
Product Training SeminarJune 18-19, 2015
June 22-23, 2015
Chattanooga, TN
Louisville, KY
Product Training SeminarJuly 14-15, 2015Delray Beach, FLUSACompleted.
Product Training SeminarJuly 16-17, 2015Delray Beach, FLUSATech Centres Only
Product Training SeminarAugust 10-11, 2015Denver, COUSACompleted.
Product Training SeminarAugust 24-25, 2015Chicago, ILUSACompleted.
Product Training SeminarSeptember 16-17, 2015Portland, ORUSACompleted. View photos from the event.
Product Training SeminarSeptember 22-23, 2015Las Vegas, NVUSACompleted.
Product Training SeminarOctober 29-30, 2015Portland, MEUSAClick here to learn about the seminar, hosted in partnership with Maine Mechanical.
Product Training SeminarNovember 11-12, 2015DubaiUAEClick for more details