Environmental Policy

At Autoflame we place significant importance on environmental responsibility, from the combustion products we manufacture and develop to the way we carry out our day to day business; high environmental standards are at the core of our business. Leading the market means leading by example and at Autoflame we are committed to health, safety and environmental considerations in all aspects of our work and we constantly looking at innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact as well as our customers’. Working to comply with ISO 14001 has built the foundations of Autoflame’s Environmental policy aiding us to meet our business objectives in a way which reduces our environmental footprint.

  • We strive to minimise the environmental footprint of our operations through prevention of pollution
  • Our Health and Safety policy is the key to prevention of illness and injury of our employees during operation
  • We promote innovation and development for the efficiency of burning fossil fuels in a safe way that reduces harmful pollutants
  • We are committed to comply with all aspects of our health and safety, environmental, and legal requirements in all areas of our business
  • Our combustion management systems are dedicated to uphold the strictest global standards that provide protection of both human health and environment during normal and emergency situations
  • Continual monitoring of our Environmental Management System insures objectives are met and improvements are made as required
  • We implement strict standards, as outlined in our company handbook; these standards are monitored closely to insure standards are maintained by all employees

These guidelines written in the language of ISO14001 also as an entity act as Autoflame’s environmental policy. The guidelines are part of the Autoflame handbook on which all Autoflame employees base their conduct.